Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March !!!! Where did the time go ???

Well, so much for being better about writing . It has been an interesting winter for sure. Thanksgiving was held at my niece Hava's place in November. It was lovely many family members were missing though so it didn't seem right to me.If feels like we are all drifting apart. Being the oldest member of the original "Green" clan I suppose it is up to me to keep it together, but I feel great distance from some family members. Sooo it may be time to start some new traditions. Time will tell.  Christmas came and went. It was wild and crazy little Cooper was over whelmed with his toys and the girls were very happy with all their gifts.

Since the holiday season it has been pretty much stay at home and hunker down.  Dan has been working every single day. Either at the church or doing jobs for neighbors and friends. He installed a new heating system for our landlord Giancarlo and many other projects for him and our neighbors next door. Every cent he has earned has gone into the bank for summer time fun and for a trip we are planning for 2015.

We hope to go to Italy in October of 2015 to celebrate our 45th wedding Anniversary. Maria and Giancarlo will be going too and we will spend a lot of time with them in their homes. There are several sections I really want to see and I'm sure we will get it all done. We plan on being there for a month. Should be an amazing time. Dan's grandparents came from Italy and we plan on visiting their home place which is quite close to where Maria's house is.

We have not gotten out for much music at all since we came back to Massachusetts. :ast Saturday we went to here Sarah Michel.and had a great time. She is great. Next week we are going to see Sierra Hull at the Parlor Room in Noho. We have been following her work since she was around 12 years old. he is an amazingly talented mandolin and guitar player. Really excited about seeing her at the Parlor Room.  It is a relatively new venue in Northampton only seats 50 so it is like a house concert.  Dan is very happy that we are going.

Once we hit April we will be in full out island count down. Heading back there probably on the day after Mothers Day. Unless Dan has a job to finish.  Time will tell.

So that is a brief synopsis of what has been going on here. I wish you all a happy Tuesday..watch out for pirates now and remember to BREATHE and smile for me :)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Summer is gone and it was a wonderful one !!!

We landed in Kingsboro on May 22 and had a great summer.  Filled with music, laughter and fun.  Where to begin?  Over the course of the summer we developed new friendships and found so many ways to grow. I really enjoyed traveling around with Elizabeth and Anne taking photos. A highlight of the summer for me was when I actually WON in two categories of the Harbor photo contest at the Souris Mall..I was pretty proud of that for sure.

 Dan worked so hard over the summer painting the house and sprucing up the yard. Our home is perfect in every way. We just love it.

We spent many happy hours at the newly renovated Souris Show Hall..great place for music and close to home! The Festival of Small Halls was just OK this year..we attended a few shows but both of us felt that the organizers need to pump it up a bit. There were many of the same old same old groups ..Time for a change or this Festival may just petter out. That would be a shame.  Fiddle Festival was amazing yet again..it just keeps getting better and better. Without even trying it just goes on and on. People seem to love it more each year. Well done to Peter Chaisson and all of the rest !!

Our veggie garden was so so this year..the tomatoes were great, my lettuce was great at first but then it was attacked by slugs.. The squash never really came this summer..and the beans were just so so.. But it produced enough for us to save some money on groceries which was GREAT. We finally managed to get our act together during lobster season and bought a bunch from J J so we were able to freeze them for the summer.  It was so nice to be able to offer our friends a feed of them!!  I will sure be doing that again next year.

My friend Louisa made her first journey to the island this summer and fell in love with it.  Ended up buying herself a wee little house with about 2 acres of land..down near Sheep's pond beach. She has hired Kenny Chaisson to do some work on it this winter and next summer plans on spending a big chunk of time on the island. So happy for her !!  She will sure add a burst of fun to the place !!

Since coming back we have been rather non stop. Dan is working for the church again and has been doing a lot of work for Giancarlo here and at his other property next door.  I have been just hanging, learning a few cooking tricks from Maria and relaxing.  Our kids and grandkids are great. Cooper will be turning 2 tomorrow. Molly and Morgan are growing like weeds and are little beauties. Gabe is still working at the Black Sheep and playing music with a couple of bands..Still "Gabeing along" as we say.  He is 37 going on 21..:)  Oh well maybe he will find his way at some point.  He is a great guy just a little lost in his late teens. :)

Chelsey and Brian are doing well. I swear I do not know how Chelsey manages though. She is so busy and never seems to be able to slow down. I do worry about her. She has to learn how to say "No". But she seems happy and is enjoying her kids for sure.  This week she has a house full!  Brian's folks have been here for a week and will be here till next Wednesday.  Yesterday his sister arrived as a surprise so she could be here for Cooper's party.  It will be a wild and crazy time but filled with laughter and fun for sure!  Looking forward to tomorrow !!

I will try and be better about writing in the blog over the winter but till then take good care and watch out for pirates!! 

Remember to breathe and smile for me !!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chilly again..

Burrrrr..this is crazy weather.  Woke up this morning to see frost on the roof. BUT a warm up is coming for the weeks end,.  Thank goodness.  I am sitting here wrapped in a sweater with my winter slippers on my feet and I am frozen.  However, I will NOT turn on the heat..no heat after April 15th..that is the rule.  :  )

Looks like the lobster strike has ended.  A lot of the boats were back on the water yesterday.  I feel so bad for them.  The prices are so low this year that these men and women are loosing money fishing.  Crazy world and so unfair. Someone is making big money .  Given that the stores are selling lobster for anywhere from 9 to 14 a pound.  The fishermen and being paid anywhere from 2.50 to 3.25 a pound.  Talk about a mark up. 

I have an appointment for my hair tomorrow with the lady I went to for years.  I was so glad she is still working.   Last week I was scheduled for a cut and color and found that the woman I liked was no longer at that salon..I canceled and called Helen today hoping she was still "in the business".  It is so hard to find someone who will listen and give you the cut you want.  So I will be set for the party and good to go to the island.

If all goes well, at this time next week we will be on the road. So ready to go.  If for no other reason than to not be stuck in the house alone all day.  I am not complaining, I love where I live and I am really happy for Danny. He loves working, enjoys talking with people and feels really good about bringing more money into the house.  I just get a bit bored and frustrated at not having a way to go places except by walking.  Whine moan complain  I KNOW I KNOW.  Seriously though, I look forward to PEI because I have friends and neighbors who I can visit and do things with..  I have lunches planned, photo adventures, all kinds of things stuff.

Tomorrow I also have to pick up the stuff I need for the party..fruit, lemonade, maybe some shrimp..Then Friday Maria and I will get things set up and ready.. It should be a great night.  Well I will close off for now.  Dishes are calling my name..you have a great day now.  Watch out for pirates and remember to

BREATHE and smile for me

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

With luck a week from today we will be packing the truck

This week I am cleaning out the fridge, organizing the cabinets. Deciding what we will bring "food wise" and all that good stuff.  We will be hosting a party here on Friday night..pot-luck supper of sorts and a way to see family and friends before we leave. 

Hopefully Howie will be able to attend.  He is still not doing well, but has resigned himself to the fact that he is better when he is in his bed.  The problems seem to happen when he is in the chair.  Yesterday he saw another Dr, but I have not heard how that visit went.  Hopefully it was a good visit.  Jo is hanging in there, she has brought in some other people to help her out and is still trying to go to her office in the afternoons and evenings.  I am still saying that unless I feel things are progressing in a positive way, I will not leave for Canada.  I want to be certain that he is improving even if it is slightly and I want to know that Maryjo has back up and that the back up is reliable and working.  There are some people that have no problem at all caring for folks..I am not one of them.  I will admit it gladly.  I can care for anyones baby, or child and handle anything.  But I am not comfortable caring for adults in a physical way.  I could care for Dan of course and my adult children but that is it, and in some instances even that would be a challenge for me. I can help Jo by bringing meals, cleaning her house, caring for the cats, gardening.  But I am not comfortable with the physical care of Howie.  She knows that though..so it's OK.  I wish I were able to do more..but I cannot.

It's chilly here today.  But by Friday it will be up into the middle and high 70's..yeah..perfect for the party.  Looks like we will have anywhere from 25 to 35 people..maybe more.  Someone has invited a few more people than I had originally planned.  I think it was my niece.  I asked her to tell some family members who I cannot reach on Facebook..and suddenly everyone on the Green side was invited..LOL  Not that I mind but I was not expecting all of them..just the ones I see the most.  I doubt they all will come but it makes things interesting to plan.  Oh well it will be fun whoever comes..!!

I was just chatting a bit with a friend.  She has been going through a painful "attack" so to speak from people she thought were her friends. Crazy how things like that happen, even to adults. I told her that I had great empathy for her, having had something like that happen to me a few years back. It is hard, I still tear up when I think about it.  I will never be able to fully understand the why, and I will never get over the pain.  It is very hard, when you consider someone to be a friend and suddenly feel almost fearful in their presence because of the hate you can feel from them.  We had to move to escape it, hopefully for her it will be something less painful.  Anyway..I should tend to my laundry and dishes..I wish you all a good day..Watch out for pirates now and remember to

BREATHE and smile for me

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tick tock tick tock

Yesterday I had sweet Cooper with me for the day.  We had a wonderful time. He played outside all morning running about with Gabbie in the yard.  They had so much fun and were so cute together.  He had a good lunch and a nice nap and a special treat when he woke up.  Grampy came home early !!  Fun day.

But last night I heard from my friend Maryjo and was not happy with the news that Howie is still not doing well at all.  Jo is getting so worn out because of this I am now as worried about her as I am Howie.  He can be the most stubborn man on the planet. Maryjo is so sleep deprived that I fear she may slip into a sickness herself.

 Dan was at their place on Tuesday to do a few jobs for Howie and he thought Howie looked better, but looking better is only 1/2 the battle.  His blood pressure was 202/112 yesterday morning. He is over doing things and refusing to slow down. I wish there was someone who could make his listen, but I do not think there is.  Jo brought him to the Dr on Tuesday AM but got no where.  The Dr actually asked Howie what he thought was wrong.  PLEASE what is that about ?  Who is the Dr ?  Anyway something is wrong, something is causing this blood pressure to rise and if they cannot address this problem it could lead to very serious problems.  His body reacts to pain in a much different way than ours would.  Being a Quad..he cannot "feel pain"..but his body reacts by excessive sweating, nausea and high blood pressure.   I worry about him driving ( yes he drives a van ) when he is so weak. He cannot turn the steering wheel..he almost has to stop before he makes any kind of a turn..NOT SAFE, NOT GOOD, for him or anyone in his way. Couple that with the high blood pressure and we are talking about a very dangerous situation.  But just try and telling he cannot drive!!

Anyway because of all this happening I told Dan last night that I cannot leave for Canada until this is settled.  Maryjo needs as much help and support as she can get and so does Howie.  I know he is suffering.   Please keep him and Maryjo in your thoughts and prayers.   They are both very special to me.

Today I am regrouping and hanging out.  Later Maria and I plan on starting to clean up the garage/kitchen area so everything can be spiffy for the party next week.  Have yourselves a great day and watch out for pirates.  Remember to

BREATHE and smile for me

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Not feeling well today

My stomach is very upset.  This is happening often lately.  I think it is food related.  Legumes do not agree with me anymore.  I had baked beans for dinner last night and today not well.  I am living of TUMS today.  Eliminating legumes from my diet for a while.  The last time this happened I had a bean and lentil soup at Jo and Howies and was sick for three days after. Oh well could be worse.  My only concern is that tomorrow I have Cooper all day.  I sure would not be able to keep up with him today.  So I hope by tomorrow I will be better.

Dan has gotten two more jobs at the School..two ceilings to put in.  Still hoping to leave on the 22nd though..But I do not want him to be exhausted.. Time will tell.  He says it should take him about 20 hours + or minus a few. The extra money will be great for sure.  We hope to take a trip over to Cape Breton a few times this year.  Would love to go to the Stan Rogers Festival in Canso..and definately want to do the Cabot Trail this year.

I am feeling queasy again..Think I will cut this short and have some dry toast and TUMS. See if that helps settle things.  Have a great day everyone watch out for pirates now and remember to

BREATHE and smile for me

Monday, May 6, 2013

16 more days

Getting really anxious to leave. We are planning a "going away" party for the 17th of May. Should be fun.  We will have quite a mix of friends, family and neighbors.  I am a little bit worried..about it.  But you know sometimes people just need to get over themselves and deal.  So deal it will be.  I guess the best thing to do is pray for a beautiful warm night.  Then sit back and see what happens  :  )

Dan finished up one of his jobs and is working a bit at the school again this week. Every little bit helps.  Cooper will be here with me on Wednesday. The daycare center is closed that day. I had hoped that Dan would be here to help but it looks like it will be ME and the COOP. Pray for sunshine and a good nights sleep on Tuesday.  He is adorable but VERY VERY active.  I will be ready for rest when the day ends for sure. 

I had an interesting talk with one of Howie's care givers in the hospital.  He was Howie's favorite nurse.  A young man maybe 40 or so..He has 18 month old twin's a boy and a girl.  He and his wife share the care of the babies.  He says it is kind of tough when he is working the night shift but he gets it done. They just find lots of quiet activities on those days and he naps when they do.  What a man that is! He works through the night taking care of very sick people then goes home and takes care of his twins all day while his wife works.   Cat naps and lots of coffee.  Thankfully he said the night swings only happen every other month.  BUT because his wife is a Physician she also has the same shift work and many times she works nights when he works days. Ships passing in the night. Thank goodness they are young and healthy.

My friend Howie came home Friday,  had a bad night on Friday but seems to be feeling better now.  I hope that he will soon be good as new.  This is so very hard on Maryjo she is so exhausted.  Please keep both of them in your thoughts and prayers.

Anyway..I will sign off for now and wish everyone a happy Monday.   Watch out for pirates now and remember to

BREATHE and smile for me